Review: Women’s Sorel Tofino Boots

As I was preparing for my trip to Iceland, I realized I needed a pair of comfortable, warm and waterproof boots that I could wear outside for extended periods of time without getting cold or wet. Unfortunately for me, my Uggs were falling apart and my Hunter boots had too much rubber to keep my toes warm (even with the fleecy sock attachment).

Another unfortunate situation for me was the fact that the week I was buying my boots, it seemed that every retailer was putting their Sorel boots on deeply discounted prices. That meant very limited sizes and styles were available for me by the time I had done all of my research.

Sorel Tofino Boot


As the Sorel website mentions, the Tofino Boot is definitely made for casual wear. You absolutely should not be wearing these boots for hiking or for icy/deep snowy conditions. I noticed right away that there isn’t a lot of grip on the bottom of the boots. I was walking on patches of ice and I almost slipped several times. Even on wet floors, I slipped a few times.

Might be best for late fall or early spring wear.


If you are in and out of buildings most of the day, then these boots will be adequate for -20 degree Celsius weather. However, if you are outdoors for anything longer than an hour or if you get snow on the top of foot, your toes will get cold very quickly. I would recommend wearing extra layers of socks or toe warmers. However, if you plan on doing this, you should also buy the boot a size up as it is quite snug.


These boots may be useful for light drizzly rain. Otherwise, I would not consider these boots to be waterproof. I was on a beach and a wave washed over my feet. The water did not above my ankle but unfortunately for me, the water got into my boots and made my feet wet. Granted, it wasn’t a lot of water but it was still uncomfortable for the rest of the day.


Runs small. You may want a size up.


Approximately $150 CAD, I think it’s a relatively affordable price. However, you can find the Joan of Arc for the same price sometimes and that boot is a little sturdier and warmer.


With the right size, these boots can be quite comfortable. I found that with time, the boots started to scratch up the back of my feet which made it difficult to wear for extended periods of times.

OVERALL RATING: Would not buy again. Even on regular winter days, these boots would not offer much warmth, waterproofing, or safety. I would try another pair of Sorel boots.


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